Our nation is the midst of a healthcare crisis. Washington lawmakers have convinced the American people that the only way to provide basic coverage to every citizen is to violate their right to choose if they want healthcare or not. I firmly believe that is not the case. If the current “solution” to the healthcare problem requires the violation of individual autonomy, we need to find a different solution.

Here’s what I will do:

Replace the Affordable Care Act.
I believe healthcare ought to be a choice. By removing America’s ability to choose whether or not they want healthcare – and what kind – the Affordable Care Act harms many of the very people it aims to help. It taxes those who cannot afford healthcare,  be it government or private.

Clean Special Interests Out of the Healthcare Industry.

For years, special interests have squeezed out viable, affordable healthcare options with their lobbying and legislative influence. These huge, powerful groups have made it nearly impossible for smaller companies to provide healthcare options to the public.

If elected, I will make the decision to purchase healthcare completely up to the American citizen, and I will allow new market options to compete and provide coverage for Americans of all incomes.

Legalize Innovation in Medicine.
Science, not more legislation, will help provide more effective medicine at lower cost. Burdensome FDA regulations stand in the way of the American citizens and life saving treatments.

As Congresswoman, I will break down these barriers and empower the American people to make their own decisions about their health.